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Commando Abdul Razaq


For his colleagues, he was ‘Com­mander’; and for his juniors, he was ‘Ustaad’. Abdul Razzaq, the commander of Quetta’s bomb disposal squad (BDS), defused around 1000 explosive devices during his 23 years of service, saving countless lives, but lost his own in the line of duty on Monday.

Remembered as brave, it is his unselfish attitude that led him to Sariab road on the evening of February 13, 2016, when a bomb threat was called in. Routinely defusing bombs since 2006, Monday evening was to be his last call to duty.

Working with the special branch of the police for over two decades, Razzaq had offers to join the army and the Frontier Corps, with handsome salaries and other privileges. Declining these rich offers, he chose to serve the people of his department, despite earning lowly wages of Rs.40, 000 a month.

During his service, spanning over two decades, Razzaq was only once promoted from constable to head constable. Colleagues share that though he had been promoted to the rank of assistant sub inspector, this promotion had been taken back without explanation. Even though Razzaq’s expertise merited many accolades, the only medals to his name were the Pakistan police and Quaid-e-Azam medals.

“Compared to the lives of the people, the dangers of my work are nothing. When I defuse bombs I don’t consider danger, or risks to my life,” he used to reply this amazing answer whenever someone quizzed about his profession.

Well this Hero clearly deserves something more from our authorities for other commandoes of his department. So that in future we shall not have to lose such Heroes. IG Mehboob feels,

Balochistan and the police department have been deprived of a brave man…

we have been robbed of a precious asset.”

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