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Sakina-tu-Sughra Masjid, Jatoi, Muzaffargarh

Jatoi Mosque

Sakina-Tu-Sughra Mosque has complete elements to attract people, located in a very small village of Kotla Reham Ali Shah,Tehsil Jatoi on Jatoi Shah Jamal Road in the district of Muzaffargarh, Southern Punjab Pakistan.

This beautiful mosque was founded by Dr. Ismail Bukhari (a heart specialist originated from the same are) also funded this project construction of the mosque was carried out by specialists gathered from Turkey. The founder of this beautiful mosque is currently in USA.

This mosque is a unique combination of modern and antique Turkish style. White and red marble is used on the exterior walls of the mosque. Two beautiful minarets on the sides of the dome of the central prayer hall adds to the beauty of the mosque. Central dome with its crystal blue colour presents an unforgettable view to eyes. The interior of the mosque is decorated with extensive crystal and wooden work. A stupendous garden surrounding the central hall also adds to the beauty. Daily many people visit this place.

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