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Sadh Belo

Sindh is full of the religious places. Talking particularly about the Hinduism, a temple is very famous and old in the name of Sadhu Island or sadh Belo. In Urdu it is called Sadhu Bella. It was built in 1823 by Swami Brakhandi Maharaja.

Thousands of the Hindus from and outside of Pakistan visit Sadh Belo for their prayers and wishes especially they come for the celebration of the anniversary of Swami Brakhandi Maharaja. The celebration  continues for three days starting from Sunday with the Hawan (Agni Pooja a type of worship based on fire) and recitation of Guru Granth and Geeta. When baba Brakhandi Maharaja came in Sadh Belo he was just 15 years old and he lived till his death at the age of 60 years.

Sadh Belo is not a single temple but it has¬†more than 9 temples of different gods. It has a very attractive architecture; the walls of the temple are decorated with marble carving on which their god’s sculptures are designed in a very beautiful way. The temple have lawns as well and so many different symbolic things are placed there which according to their religion used by their gods. The temple covers a huge area and its structure is an antique one. Other than that there are rooms also built to facilitate visitors and a library is also situated where thousands of books are available about different subjects and topics regarding Hinduism mostly about the Agni Pooja, Ganesh Pooja, etc. The security is very tight here. Nobody can enter or visit the temple without having permission from Hindu punchait. Mostly is difficult for non-Hindus to get permission

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