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Abdul Ghafoor Majna- Pakistani Pele

Abdul Ghafoor Majna was a Pakistani professional footballer. He played as a midfielder. Ghafoor was also a former captain of the Pakistan national football team.

Ghafoor was nicknamed the “Pakistani Pele” and “Black Pearl of Pakistan”. Ghafoor was part of Pakistan national football team setup when it was in the top 10 teams of Asia. According to The Express Tribune, he was “the last man alive from the days when the Pakistan football team was good enough to beat USSR, UAE and China – a far cry from the state of affairs right now.

Abdul Ghafoor Majna- 1960

Ghafoor played in Dhaka in the 1960s and before that, he represented Mohammedan Sporting Club (MSC) in the Calcutta League, India and Karachi League, Pakistan.

Ghafoor was born in British India. When playing for Mohammedan Sporting Club (MSC) in Dhaka, Ghafoor met his wife Sabiha and then later they married. His wife Sabiha also has a predilection for football. Ghafoor and his wife Sabiha then later lived their life in Lyari, Karachi. Ghafoor sons’ are Footballers too. His son Abdul Ghani has played football for different domestic teams. And his another son Abdul Waheed has also played for Pakistan Army FC.He Had lots of brother in law in same sports one of the greatest goal keeper in all time Ishtaiq Ahmed , his Elder brother Mushtaq Ahmed and younger brother Imtiaz Ahmed was also known as a famous Pakistan sports game cricket and they both played First Class Cricket in domestic circuit , Mushtaq Ahmed Elder Son Bilal Ahmed Also played football in Pak Sports Club u-19 and he selected to sindh district level football later on he left football and join Sir Sarmad Cricket club and Pakistan u-19 team.

Majna founded Saifi Club and later trained young players at, the former captain was an encyclopaedia of football and an inspiration even at age 70. Prior to the brain haemorrhage and the subsequent paralysis, Majna would play football with his students and could instantly refer to any moment, even of an old football match, at the tip of his tongue.

Ghafoor died in Lyari, Karachi after a prolonged battle with paralysis and disease as a poor broken man. Ghafoor left behind 2 sons and 3 daughters as mourners.

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