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Sajikot Waterfall-Havelian


Sajikot Waterfall is in Sajikot Village which is located at a distance of around 24km right from Havailian in the Hazara region of provice KPK in Pakistan. Sajikot is one of the most beautiful but rarely visited water falls in the region. A thin but newly constructed road from Havailain to Sajikot allows visitors to take their cars right at the top of the water fall. The bluish green chilled water is a treat in hot summers. They are extending the road to connect to Margalla hills in future.

From Islamabad to Havailian 1hr 45 min + From Havailian bazar to Sajikot Village 40 min + 20 minutes tracking distance to reach Sajikot Waterfall.   It is roughly 1-1.5KM ahead of Sajjikot bazaar on the same road. The waterfall is visible from the road or at least audible from the road.

Also note that it is a 3 step waterfall. The first two are small steps and the last one and the most famous one is larger. But the upper two steps are also beautiful. If you want to visit them then you should descend just before the main waterfall.

 We must warn anyone visiting this place. The water in all three ponds is very deep… It is deep enough to drown any one and one should take care if one want to take a bath in these pools. Specially no one should ever try to take a bath in the upper pools as these are very deep right from the beginning. Below is the slideshow of some breathtaking photos of this amazing waterfall. 

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