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70th Independence Day Pakistan

We recently celebrated our 70th Independence day. The  jubilation was all over from Gawader to Gilgit and from Karachi to Peshwar.  Everyone from our non-Muslims brothers to our legends like Waseem Akram came to social media and expresses their patriotism. We bring some of the best social media posts and tweets for you to once again to live the mesmerizing celebration of the 70th Independence Day!!!

1st one from our Sikh brothers!!!

National Anthem!!!

What a friendly gesture by our Friend!!!

Lahore is always the best!!

Love you Lahore!!!

Wait, what did you say??? How can you forget Karachi!!!

And this was the best!!!

Look at the Zalimis celebrating the independence day!!

And some from our political leaders!!!

And our national Bhabhi was also celebrating with us!!!

King of Swing!!!
Waseem Bahi!!!

Love you Lala!!!

And our beloved SELFIE KING!!!

How cute!!!

And our favourite vloger!!!

OMG our sweetheart singing the national anthem!!!
I mean PIA, our sweetheart!!

@MominaMustehsan singing on flight #pk308 to Islamabad live to commentrate 70 years of our glorious freedom #IndependenceDay #14August2017 pic.twitter.com/hZcYYYew8p

This one from our favourite Mahira Khan!!!

Google was also celebrating with us!!!

And Pakistan rocking in Dubai!!!

and Pakistanis rock too!!!

And this from our beloved Kashmiries!!!

A crazy girl with no limits!!!