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Muzaffarabad-Gateway to Heaven

Naluchi Bridge

Muzaffarabad is situated at the confluence of the Jhelum and Neelum rivers. The city is 138 kilometres from Rawalpindi and Islamabad and about 76 kilometres from Abbottabad. Muzaffarabad city is connected to Islamabad by a motorway, increasing trade between the mainland and the autonomous region. Cradled by lofty mountains, the city reflects a blend of various cultures and languages.  It ranks among the major tourist destinations in Pakistan.

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Thousands of tourists and travelers visit Muzaffarabad from all over the world. The scenic beauty and diverse culture of the place makes it a popular holiday spot. It offers different outdoor activities like hiking, trekking and camping at the foothill regions of the Saran, Sun Bun, Muskhi, Sakki, Jarran and most importantly Pir Chinassi. likewise it also offers historical sites as Red Fort and Black Fort. Similarly new buildings are being constructed like PC and Naluchi Cable Bridge consequently adding to the beauty of the city.

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