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Desi Heroes

All those unsung heroes of our land, who need their heroism to be celebrated!!!

Desi Heroes

Home Desi Heroes
All those unsung heroes of our land, who need their heroism to be celebrated!!!

Hakeem Saeed

Hakim Mohammed Saeed was born in Delhi, British Indian Empire in 1920 to an educated and religious Urdu-speaking class family. His forefathers and family had been associated with the...

Malik Saad

Malik Saad was amongst the best and most well known civil servants of the country. After completing his degree in Civil engineering from the...

Ismaeel Gul Gee

Gulgee was born on 25 October 1926 at Karimpura locality in Peshawar, Pakistan. Initially, he went to Lawrence College Murree and then to Aligarh University to study civil engineering...

The Undefeated Gamma- The Lion of Punjab

Gama was born in the city of Amritsar into an ethnic Kashmiri Muslim family, in present day Punjab, India. He hailed from a prominent wrestling family which...

Shazia Gul- First Martyred Policewoman

As Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa police fights its fierce battle against militancy, women officers stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their male colleagues. Some, like Shazia Gul, pay the ultimate...

Abdul Khaliq- The Flying Bird of Asia

Born in 1933 in Chakwal, a small North Punjab town, Abdul Khaliq was fascinated by kabaddi, the traditional sport of rural Punjab. He was...

Syed Abrar Hussain Shaheed

Abrar Hussain was professional Pakistani welterweight and Light-middleweight boxer. Hussain represented Pakistan at the 1984, 1988, and 1992 Summer Olympics. In addition, he had won several accolades for the country, including the 1985 South...

Commando Abdul Razaq

 For his colleagues, he was ‘Com­mander’; and for his juniors, he was ‘Ustaad’. Abdul Razzaq, the commander of Quetta’s bomb disposal squad (BDS), defused...

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